21 Jun

Hi there…

Never thought that I will write a blog before… Since I always think that i have no time to write.. But here I am now! I am thinking to create this blog as a media to share my thought and my passion in cooking.. Yap! Cooking become one of my favorite activity.. When I feel bored, when I feel excited, when I celebrate special moments, I used to cook!

I usually plan what am I going to cook but most of time when the desire comes, I just need to open the fridge and use the things inside it! haha.. As simple as that!

I love all kind of food.. The more authentic the food, the more I like it! I really appreciate local’s food which taste original. Guessing what kind of herbs and spices they use to cook it also really fun.. But try to cook it as similar as possible will be the most enjoyable part!!

It is no doubt, that I inherited this skill from my mom. She used to as my companion in cooking. Until now, she is the one who cooks everyday for all of the family member.

It’s my biggest dream to work in culinary field. Become a chef? Running my own restaurant? Or else… I hope someday I have opportunity to achieve it…

Anyway… thanks for reading my first blog and feel free to share your opinion, thoughts or everything here!

I would be very happy if we can share…


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